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Doctor J and Team Biz are moving over to the CRN Digital Talk Radio Network, starting Sunday, June 2nd. We are opening the door to new sponsorship opportunities for your businesses and organizations. 
CRN distributes eight channels of talk radio programming to 11 million homes nationally on cable television, broadcast radio, the Internet, ROKU, and on mobile and in-car applications, providing our listeners access to their favorite shows on their schedule wherever they want to listen!
  • Home Theater / Cable Television
  • Online / Mobile Applications
  • Video Streaming
  •  Broadcast Radio
  • In Car Entertainment Applications • Satellite Radio
CRN syndicates 110+ shows per week, including your favorite talk show hosts like Larry Elder, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Thom Hartmann, Dennis Prager and original programming from Robert Conrad, Larry Manetti, Fred Dryer, food, wine, travel and more! And of course Doctor J and Team Biz starting Sunday, June 2nd!
▪ Audience Composition 
▪ 41%women
▪ 59%men
▪ 45%of the audience graduated college
▪ 40%of the audience earns $75,000 annually
▪ 55%of the audience fall between the ages of 35-54
▪51%of those surveyed considered or purchased a product
advertised during their favorite personality’s show
▪ 75%of responders found CRN because they knew their favorite
personality was on the air.
▪ 71%talk to their friends about what they hear on CRN.
  • Sponsor a segment, "The Strictly business show is brought to you by (your business here)"
  • Business interviews to promote your business and upcoming events.
  • 30/60 sec pre-recorded or live commercials promoting your business, brand, product or upcoming events.
  • Personal endorsements of your product and, or business by Doctor J and cohost.
  • LIVE remotes from your business venture.
And so much more.
For more information email:
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